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The Summer Club | Nigaloo Dive Set - Flippers, Mask & Snorkel

The Summer Club | Nigaloo Dive Set - Flippers, Mask & Snorkel

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This option includes both the Ningaloo Dive Flippers and Mask and Snorkel.

Our all white Ningaloo Flippers are made from high quality soft rubber for maximum comfort. The hydrodynamic design allows the flippers to guide through the water with ease.

Our all white Ningaloo Dive Mask is a frame less dive mask with a liquid silicone skirt and tempered glass lens. The skirt and strap are made from soft, supple silicone which moulds to the shape of your face for a comfortable fit and watertight seal. The strap is adjustable and can simply be pulled to the desired fit.

The dry snorkel is designed for maximum performance with an ergonomic shape that fits perfectly to the side of the head. Dry snorkel use a lever paddle flip dry top, it automatically flips and closes the air entrance when submerged under water. The snorkel has a quick release adjustable clip which makes it easy to clip on/off the dive mask. Exclusive engineering of the dry top and an ergonomically correct mouth piece makes this the ideal snorkel for scuba or for prolonged snorkelling sessions.


Medium  7 - 8  / EU 38 - 39

Medium/ Large 8 - 9 / EU 40 - 41

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